Sugar Beach Bake Shop Does it Again!

Does what, you ask? Sugar Beach Bake Shop has delighted me with every bite of its Sweet Onion Quiche.  The savory and sweet pie is packed inside a hearty crust and is filled with egg, sweet caramelized onion, and spinach. I’ve waited over a week to pick up one of these beauties, and it was worth the wait.

The crust and the spinach are a nice balance to the caramelized sweet onions, and each bite is so filling that I surely will not finish in one setting.  All the more for later!

Sugar Beach Bake Shop Sweet Onion Savory Pie

Along with great food, the customer service is fantastic. I popped by Sugar Beach Bake Shop this morning, as it is barely a minute from my home, and I bought a cinnamon roll and the savory pie.  The woman behind the counter was kind, helpful, and pleasant.  She offered to heat up the savory pie/quiche for me, but since I was taking it home for an early lunch, there would be no need. She sweetly advised me of the best way to heat it up and added that the sweet onion is her favorite.  I can see why! This savory little treasure is nothing short of delightful!

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